Unintentionally winking at strangers + NaNoOutWriFall Final Update

I meant to write/post this earlier, but I went grocery shopping this morning, which is exhausting on a good day. During a pandemic, it’s screaming in victory when you find toilet paper and lots of blinking because there’s inevitably cat fur on your mask which floats into your eyes and people around you think you’reContinue reading “Unintentionally winking at strangers + NaNoOutWriFall Final Update”


In other words: National Novel Outline Writing Fall. That’s totally a thing. I didn’t just make it up. It rolls off the tongue rather well, yes? The real NaNoWriMo takes place annually in November, with the goal of writing a 50,000 word novel. Awesome for many, but I write in slow-mo, so it doesn’t workContinue reading “NaNoOutWriFall”


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