I’ve watched with horror over the past year as violence against Asians and Asian-Americans skyrocketed. This past week, it finally seems to have captured the nation’s attention. It’s not just physical violence. Someone dropped a derogatory slur about Japanese people in front of me the other day and I don’t think he realized. No, IContinue reading “#StopAAPIHate”

21 in 21

In honor of Valentine’s Day (I’m late, I know, but it’s 21 in 21 on 21, so that’s something), here are things I’m loving or looking forward to this year. Favorite thing I’ve read Janae Marks’ MG debut FROM THE DESK OF ZOE WASHINGTON 2. What I’m looking forward to reading THE INFINITY COURTS byContinue reading “21 in 21”

2021: The sequel to 2020

I recently watched the 2012 movie version of ‘Anna Karenina,’ and afterward, I thought: well, that was…a movie*. In the same vein, 2021 is…a year. But I’m here and my family is healthy, or on the way to being healthy, and I can’t ask for much more in the middle of a pandemic. Some highlightsContinue reading “2021: The sequel to 2020”

Unintentionally winking at strangers + NaNoOutWriFall Final Update

I meant to write/post this earlier, but I went grocery shopping this morning, which is exhausting on a good day. During a pandemic, it’s screaming in victory when you find toilet paper and lots of blinking because there’s inevitably cat fur on your mask which floats into your eyes and people around you think you’reContinue reading “Unintentionally winking at strangers + NaNoOutWriFall Final Update”


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