Jennifer Pickrell

YA Writer


 Once upon a time I was a kid, scribbling away in “Diary Written.” Sorry, older bro, you have been cut out of this pic.

prom pic just me Years later, in high school, I wrote my first book. It was a 30,000 word mess, typed out on a word processor while I listened to a Nine Inch Nails cassette on repeat. If you haven’t guessed already, it was the 90s. This picture (from Prom night) is likely the only one that exists during that time period where I’m not wearing flannel. Sorry to then-boyfriend/now-husband, who suffered the cut this time.

Reenacting a 1980s easy listening album cover

As an adult, I leave no one out! Cat-selfies, my not-so-secret love. I was taking them in the 90s, way before they became a thing. And with a film camera, no less. Now that’s art.

When I’m not creating masterpieces, you can find me surfing the web for work during the day and hanging out with my husband and our small army of cats in the evenings.

Collage 2018-12-31 08_36_24

The story of how my husband and I met.

We live in Virginia, near Washington, D.C., but far enough away to be surrounded by nature (see pics below). I read a lot, watch just as much TV and cheer fervently for the Orioles during baseball season. My favorite food is snacks.

If you’ve still gotta know more about me, check out these posts:

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