Jennifer Pickrell

YA Writer



THOSE WILD MARLUCHIANS, a contemporary young adult novel about a 15-year-old girl navigating first love while struggling to save her alcoholic cousin whom she discovers is hiding a secret that forces her to decide between family loyalty and her own happiness.


(rough draft)

Chapter 1

I was born on a day that my mom hated my dad, so I got her last name instead of his. I was Emmaline Faith Marluchian, one of those Wild Marluchians, and I’d spent the last fifteen years failing to live up to my family’s reputation.

“Emma!” Bastian greeted, clearly startled as I stepped from the trees and onto the paved road that ran a loop around the campground. He gulped from a plastic water bottle. “What are you doing?”

“What are you doing?” It had been nearly half an hour since my cousin left the lake for the bathroom. His best friend, Nick, said I was worrying for nothing, that Bastian was probably paying the price for the iffy-looking lunch meat he’d eaten for breakfast, but I’d had a feeling it was something more. A couple campers were at the lake that morning, overly chatty and reeking of beer, and while one stayed to flirt with Nick, the other left to go back to their campsite. Not so coincidentally, Bastian disappeared shortly after.


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