SummySeries 2021 Wrap-up

For this year’s SummySeries, I randomly selected books from my TBR-read list. THOUGHTS This was harder than I anticipated. I had to skip over some books because they were checked out from the library and a few were future releases. Would I do this again? Maybe? But not for three months straight. STATS Starting numberContinue reading “SummySeries 2021 Wrap-up”

AllTheWriFall 2021

I’m still working on a title for my fall writing push. Last year I called it NaNoOutWriFall, but I want something more general, that includes every aspect of the writing process, from research to drafting to editing. Whatever it’s called, I’m starting September 1 and going through November 30. Why? Because I’m a slow writerContinue reading “AllTheWriFall 2021”


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I live in Virginia, near Washington, D.C., with my husband and small army of cats. I read a lot, watch just as much TV, and enjoy planning trips I’ll never take. My favorite food is snacks.

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