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Pitch Wars Mentee Bio


I kept seeing people post their bios and I wondered if I’d missed something in the PW instructions but apparently it’s just for fun and I decided to jump on the bandwagon.

The MS I entered is called THE STAINED GLASS SUN AND MOON and it’s about Jules and Jesse, a pregnancy test, and making choices that can’t be taken back.

More info about Pitch Wars here:

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Down by the river (no sign of Matt Foley)

I love the little valley of Virginia where I live with my husband and our four-legged friends. If I drive an hour in one direction I’m in Washington DC. An hour in another direction puts me in the middle of nowhere West Virginia. Just me and trees and mountains. #happiness

Reenacting a 1980s easy listening album cover

Pretending like we’re on the cover of a 1980s easy listening album

I’m what some might call a “crazy cat person.” Once, when scrolling through photos on my phone to find something, I discovered I’d taken selfies with five different cats. Only one of the felines was actually mine. Now the number of selfies is higher because I am owned by more cats.

I’m a huge baseball fan. Go Orioles! I’m essentially Elaine in this clip from Seinfeld.

Speaking of TV, I’m a slightly less gluttonous Homer Simpson (French fries are my Achilles heel), basking in television’s “warm glowing warming glow.” From General Hospital to Freaks and Geeks to Charmed…gimme!

With movies, I seek out the so-bad-they’re-good ones to watch with my younger brother. The Room or Troll 2? Anyone?

With books, my taste usually runs toward YA contemporary (the more angst, the better), but I’ll try any book once. This explains why I’ve read a 500 page bio on Rasputin and can tell you facts about the history of rabies.


I write what I like to read – ANGST!

But more than that, I love family in stories and/or a big cast of characters. Think THE SIX RULES OF MAYBE by Deb Caletti or THE TRUTH ABOUT FOREVER by Sarah Dessen.

I don’t always need a happily ever after, I just need something that fits. The ending to CRANK by Ellen Hopkins was perfect in its realism.

My characters aren’t always likeable, but I hope people can relate to them and understand that the decisions they make aren’t because they’re bad people, it’s because they’re desperate or scared or lonely, etc. Courtney Summers is amazing at writing these types of characters.

I struggle with drafting because I have tons of ideas in my head but they’re stubborn about putting themselves on the page. Plus I edit as I write and I don’t think I’ll ever break the habit.

Once I get to the editing/revising stage – YES!!! I love killing darlings, cutting filler, tightening scenes and actually giving my characters a place to hang out, other than in a box full of dialog.

Did I mention setting is my weakness? My early drafts read like plays. Full of filler words. I’m bad about using “like.” In my stories and in real-life.

I’m all for constructive criticism because it makes me look at everything from a different angle and my story is always stronger for it.


I love THE STAINED GLASS SUN AND MOON. The entire time I was drafting and revising and revising a thousand more times, I referred to my story as “Jules,” after the main character and I still think of her as Jules, my impulsive, softball playing, fiercely loyal friend.

I’d do anything to make her shine.

Author: Jennifer Pickrell

I write YA contemporary filled w/ romance, angst & family drama. Things I like: cats, snacks, baseball, green tea, taking pictures of trees & movies so bad, they’re good.

8 thoughts on “Pitch Wars Mentee Bio

  1. What a great bio! I also entered YA contemporary (with angst) so I’m curious if our mentor wishlist matches. I’m #148 on the blog hop. Good luck!

  2. Sending you tons of good luck vibes!! 🙂

  3. Love you bio, and the way you talk about your story! I am great with setting if you ever want to talk about that or have another pair of eyes.

    Good luck, again, because you are awesome!!

  4. A wonderfully put-together bio. Good luck.

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