Jennifer Pickrell

YA Writer

RSW 2015 – Update 1


Ready.Set.WRITE! is hosted by AlisoRSW6n Miller, Elodie Nowodazkij, Erin Funk, Jaime Morrow and Katy Upperman.

1. How I did on last week’s goals:

BOOKS (2/10)

Finish SOMEONE LIKE YOU by Sarah Dessen, start on her next book, KEEPING THE MOON, and decide on an adult book for my library’s summer reading program – DONE! 

I also made a list of the books I want to review.

QUERIES (0/15)

Write two letters – DONE

WRITE (2.5/20)

Spend three hours doing a read-through of EMMA – It only took me two and a half.

2. My goals for this week:


Start LANDLINE by Rainbow Rowell and find another book to check off a YAB reading challenge square.

Note: Taking a break from Sarah Dessen until next month, just to switch things up.

Post at least one review to Amazon/Goodreads.


Draft at least one more letter and send it out, along with the two I wrote last week.


Finish writing the rest of the party scene and revise the convo Emma has with her dad afterward.

3. A favorite line from my story OR one word/phrase that sums up what I wrote/revised:

TomCat!!! My main character and her dad have this old, grumpy cat and I love his appearances in various scenes.

4. The biggest challenge I faced this week:

Getting back in the groove of writing/revising each day.

5. Something I love about my WIP

My main character, Emma. She’s shy and sometimes a pushover, but she’s learning to stand up for herself, and I’m looking forward to writing scenes where she’s a quiet badass.

Plus, TomCat. Naturally.


Author: Jennifer Pickrell

I write YA contemporary filled w/ romance, angst & family drama. Things I like: cats, snacks, baseball, green tea, taking pictures of trees & movies so bad, they’re good.

32 thoughts on “RSW 2015 – Update 1

  1. Getting back into the habit can be hard. I feel you there. But it sounds like you have been doing great thus far at making it all work! Congrats and keep it up!

  2. Ahhhhh! LANDLINE is one of my favorites, I hope you love it! Good luck on your goals this week.

  3. Emma sounds like a girl I can completely relate to. And I LOVE animals in stories! Good luck with your goals this week! Sounds like you’re doing awesome!

  4. Great job on your goals! Sarah Dessen is awesome but I haven’t read anything by her in a while.

  5. I love that you have a cat in your story! ♥ Man, I can relate to your MC. (The whole pushover thing.) Good luck with your queries this week, Jennifer. And finishing up that scene you’re working on!

  6. I like the sound of your MC, and not just because we have the same name. 🙂 Sounds like you’re doing well with your goals!

  7. I’ve actually never read any Sarah Dessen… I’ll have to get around to some, eh?
    Your MC sounds great! I think YA has gotten a little overloaded with snarky female MCs, so to read about a shy one who’s learning to be strong is awesome!

  8. That’s good progress so far! I’ve been wanting to read LANDLINE, too, so I’m looking forward to seeing what you think of it :).

  9. I adored LANDLINE, and I hope you do, too. Made me want to hug my husband. 🙂 Sending you all kinds of query luck, Jennifer!

  10. Good luck with your queries! I wasn’t a fan of Landline, but I know I’m in the minority. I just don’t do well with adult fiction. Hope you enjoy it as much as everyone else leaving comments. =)

  11. You did great on your goals this week, and you even had some time to spare! Revamping my query ended up being an unexpected goal for me this week, so I feel your pain on having to prep those letters. The less fun part of the process. Also, grumpy cats are the best. Have a super week and good luck on your latest batch of goals! 🙂

    • Grumpy cats are awesome, definitely! Some of TomCat’s mannerisms are based on a cat my parents used to have. Eight years he lived with them and he never stopped giving me mean looks. I was still fond of the fella, though 🙂

  12. Love Sarah Dessen, Someone Like You is one of my favorites, although This Lullaby is my all time fave. Congrats on getting your goals done!

  13. By send out the query letter, do you mean send out the query letter? You know, to agents? If so, good luck!!

  14. I love cats and I like the sound of this old, grumpy cat. Good luck with your queries and your goals for this week. 🙂

  15. Sounds like you’re doing well on your goals. I also have a challenge trying to get back into the groove when I don’t write or revise regularly. I guess it’s a good thing that we all have a similar struggle.

  16. Good luck with the queries! I’m crossing my fingers for you. 🙂

    Getting back in the groove can be so hard, but you know that once you get a rhythm going it’ll be much easier.

    Best of luck with this week’s goals!

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