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Writer Recharge 2015 – Update 2


WriterRecharge 2015It’s February, which means it’s time for Writer Recharge!

Once again hosted by Katy Upperman, Alison Miller, Liz Parker, Elodie Nowodazkij, and Sara Biren, Writer Recharge is your chance for a four-week jump start in the middle of a cold, dreary winter. Set goals for yourself, check in once a week, and connect with other recharging writers.

This year, we’ve come up with a few categories you might want to consider when making your goals. You can choose a goal (or goals) for one or some or all.


Last week I was on page 28 of EMMA. This week I’m on page…


I might make my monthly goal of 50 at this rate.

I’ve also got another goal I forgot to mention in my first post – I need to send out some queries for JULES. I’m aiming for somewhere between 5 and 10 before the end of February.


I plan to start RUBY RED by Kerstin Gier this week for the #rubyredreread, although in my case it’s actually a #rubyredfirstread

For my goal of romance books, I’ve got ISLA AND THE HAPPILY EVER AFTER by Stephanie Perkins. I’ll reserve judgment until the end, but on the positive side I’ll say that I like SP’s writing style and she always has such sweet little moments between the leads. I also like best-friend Kurt because he says the things I’m thinking. And thoughts I have. Mainly about YA pet peeves of mine, but I won’t bore you with those ;). 


I still have to run up that giant hill. I was planning to do it this past weekend, but the weather decided to be a jerk with its below zero temps and crazy high winds. I could have theoretically done it during the week, but there’s a school at the top of the hill and I didn’t want to be a weirdo scaring children as I screamed in victory outside the building.

In other related stretch-goals, I’m thinking about doing #PitMad next month. Has anyone done it before? I’d love any tips you might have.


My West Virginia drive has also been put on hold until the weather decides to play nice. Nature isn’t as much fun when you can’t even roll down the window for fresh air without freezing your face off.


Still beta-reading


Proofing some school-related stuff for the little bro


Aforementioned bro and I watched THEY LIVE and it was glorious, especially the fight scene that kept going and going and going. Even better that it was choreographed like a WWE match so the majority of punches/kicks were nowhere near the other person.

 The best part, though, was my dad looking at the TV screen and saying, “I’ve seen this movie before.”


My dad then insisted I had seen it before, too, when I was a kid. Have I??? And, if so, how could I have forgotten???


Author: Jennifer Pickrell

I write YA contemporary filled w/ romance, angst & family drama. Things I like: cats, snacks, baseball, green tea, taking pictures of trees & movies so bad, they’re good.

25 thoughts on “Writer Recharge 2015 – Update 2

  1. Yay for revision progress! Slowly but surely, right? 🙂 I’ve got mixed feelings on ISLA. Most of it I absolutely loved, but there were a few aspects of the conflict that made me raise an eyebrow. But yeah, love Kurt! Have a great week, lady!

  2. Good luck with your EMMA revisions and querying JULES! Stephanie Perkins is one of my favorites, but I kind of felt like ISLA didn’t do her talent justice. There were definitely lots of her trademark cute moments, but something about that book didn’t quite grab me. Too high expectations, maybe? Haha…

  3. Awesome progress on EMMA! Cheering you on to meet that end of the month goal. As for ISLA…it was my least favourite of the three by a lot. Eek. I feel bad even saying that, but it felt different to me than the first two and not really in a good way. Wishing you all the luck querying JULES. You’ve got this! 😀

  4. Great progress on your writing goal! 🙂

  5. Yay for progress and for querying! I feel like you can’t go wrong with any of Brenda’s contests. It’s a great way to gauge agent feedback without actually querying them. If you get interest, awesome. And if not, you have the chance to rework things or to try out a different agent at the same agency. Win-win.

  6. Crossing my fingers for JULES. And yes, I need this weather to just cooperate. The winds have been crazy! 🙂

  7. Yes! SO glad you’re making progress! And fingers crossed for JULES. I love that story!

  8. Well done on your goals! I am so happy you are reading Ruby Red. We need to start tweeting more. I haven’t had a lot of time to read this week. I need to remedy that. Good luck in the query trenches!

  9. I haven’t read ISLA yet, but I’ve heard mixed things about it, so I haven’t been in a huge hurry. And silly weather, not cooperating with your goals 😛 Hopefully it warms up for you, but if it doesn’t, at least you have an excuse to stay inside and read and write?


    You can totally get to your goal of 50 pages, no sweat. I hope you have a very productive week!

  11. Good luck with revising and querying. I’ve been complaining about our Miami weather, but everyone up north is suffering a lot.

    • One of my Facebook friends explained the weather in Florida well – she said it might not be *cold* compared to other states, but when you live in FL, you have the expectation of consistently warm temps. Made sense to me 🙂

  12. Hope you’re enjoying RUBY RED as much as I am so far! I wasn’t expecting it to be so quirky and fun.

    I did #PitMad before, and the best advice I can give is to have several pitch lines ready. They prefer it if you change them up because Twitter won’t treat it as spam (from what I understand), but also because you’re more likely to catch an agent’s eye if you don’t say the same thing over and over lol.

    Good luck with Writer Recharge and all your other endeavors! 🙂

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