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YAB Bootcamp Update



*scrambles to write post*

I had a note on my calendar to write this post yesterday (Sunday). Somehow I missed it. Let’s blame the time change and not me. That seems best.

I will also blame WordPress because it ate my initial post when I added tags.



My only goal in March is to revise the 2nd half of JULES.

I’m still rolling along with those revisions, although I did hit a temporary snag at the end of last week. There are a few rushed scenes/chapters in the later parts of my WIP (probably b/c I was getting sick of looking at my draft and just wanted it done), so I had to do some rearranging and merging of parts and I still need to write a new scene.

It’s somewhat maddening to have to write new words since during my last round of revisions I proudly chopped so many, but I can tell my MS is getting a lot stronger for it.


I should get a lot done this week, if my SNI would stop nagging me. I might have to jot down the first chapter because it won’t stop writing itself in my head. It’s giving me that blissful in-love-with-my-new-WIP feeling. So nice.

How is everyone else doing with their goals?


Author: Jennifer Pickrell

I write YA contemporary filled w/ romance, angst & family drama. Things I like: cats, snacks, baseball, green tea, taking pictures of trees & movies so bad, they’re good.

20 thoughts on “YAB Bootcamp Update

  1. I’m revising a novel too during bootcamp, although I’m at the starting stage rather than the middle stage. Hoping to knock out large chunks of rewrites this week.

  2. I didn’t get my post done yesterday either – I think I’m going to blame the time change, too – I like that! And since I can’t get into Squarespace here at work (!#%!#), I’ll have to write my post when I get home tonight!
    But yay for revisions and chopping words! JULES is going to be in awesome shape when you’re done!

  3. Good luck with your revisions! I have to add a lot of stuff to my current draft too, so I feel your pain!

  4. Ohhh, shiny new ideas. They are sooo delicious and dangerous. I tend to come up with them right when I’m in the midst of revisions, too. What’s up with that? Anyhow – best of luck with your revisions! Looks like you’re off to an awesome start. 🙂

  5. I always end up having to add new things in revisions because toward the end of my drafts I, too, just cobble some things together just for the sake of finishing the darn thing. Although my drafts tend to be on the shorter side, so the extra words are welcome 🙂

    Good luck this week!

  6. Good luck with revisions! I just posted my post a couple hours ago, totally forgot 🙂

  7. Ooh, good luck with revisions! I’m still in drafting stage and I think for March and April that’s my goal – get the first draft done.

  8. Sometimes taking a break to write even a first chapter of an SNI is helpful. Might be your brain’s way of saying that you need time for your subconscious to work things out with Jules? I say go for it. And good luck with your goals this week and this month!

  9. I just went through the same thing; simultaneously cutting and then having to add new words to shape new scenes. Enough to drive a girl crazy. Good luck toward finishing out your revision!

  10. I have a lot to fix when I’m in a rush, but I do rush myself just to get the draft done with.

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