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March Reading List – It’s Gotta be Springtime Somewhere


My March theme has me reading books set in other countries or about other cultures. As I glanced at my TBR-shelf to see if anything fell under that category, one book looked back pleadingly at me.

War and Peace

We go way back and I’ve dumped him at least twice. But he still keeps hanging around, insisting I give him a chance.

“I’m set in Russia!” he told me. “And the back cover says I’m probably the greatest novel ever written. How can you resist?”

“I’m ignoring you,” I said.

But then I started thinking that I was already taking part in March Madness* and I have a writing goal. So why not a reading one, too?

That’s right – I’m back together with War and Peace and I’m hoping to see this relationship through to the end!

**FULL DISCLOSURE** I started reading it a week ago. I figured I needed all the time I could get. I’m 90 pages in. Only 1366 to go. Woo hoo? I think I need to reward myself every time I read 100 pages. A piece of candy or something to keep me motivated. Although, weirdly enough, I’m actually following the action, thanks to the handy-dandy character chart at the beginning of the book that I can constantly flip to for clarification.

*If you’re participating in MM, hop over to this post by Denise Jaden to comment with your goals.

Author: Jennifer Pickrell

I write YA contemporary filled w/ romance, angst & family drama. Things I like: cats, snacks, baseball, green tea, taking pictures of trees & movies so bad, they’re good.

8 thoughts on “March Reading List – It’s Gotta be Springtime Somewhere

  1. That is one long book. Should be worth it though. Good luck.

  2. I read that book some decades ago. I think it was a class assignment. I just remember thinking, “Why this book?” lol!!

  3. Wow, you’re really going for it! I think your timeline is a little different but I saw that this War and Peace read-along is happening if you’re interested:

  4. This is so ambitious. I feel like I should read it all the way through at some point, and I own it, but it’s so daunting! You’ll have to let us all know how it really is, so I can decide if I have to give it another shot 🙂

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