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RTW – 2013, the year of getting it done!


rtwlogoWhat are your goals for the new year—for reading, writing, or other?

1. Writing every day.

Last year I adopted a “write only one day a week” philosophy because I had this tiny problem of getting caught up in my WIP and forgetting about my paying job.

In 2012, this worked for me. Until the last few months, when I hit a creative wall and started feeling resentful over spending my entire weekend staring at a story full of characters who didn’t want to cooperate.

Plus, there was the annoyance of rereading a ton of text each time because I’d forgotten what I’d written a week earlier. Lots of wasted time.

This year, I’m writing every day! I’m aiming for at least an hour, even if I have to split it up into 10 minute chunks here or there.

2. Reading free-for-all

Okay, I might have a slight problem with making lists. And not just shopping or to-do ones; I also make monthly reading goals.

This year I’m going a little lax on my book lists. I still want to have a theme each month, because I’m ridiculously pleased by this, but I’m cutting it down to ONE matching book and then just reading whatever I feel like the rest of the time. There are 972 books on my TBR-list. That’s a lot, I say with understatement.

So this month (classics with a twist), I’m going to pick up:

For Darkness Shows the StarsFor Darkness Shows the Stars by Diana Peterfreund


Who knows, my reading choices will be a *gasp* surprise!

3. My TBR-shelf – so full it needs its own number

While I’m on my reading frenzy, I want to actually pick up books from my own bookcase. There are currently 53 and I should be able to read at least a quarter of them, or roughly 13.

4. Keep querying

Querying is hard work. Not to mention time-consuming. Researching, writing, emailing, stressing, etc. The first book I ever queried (years ago and a hot mess) was a good introduction to the world of publication, but I was impatient and inexperienced.

This time, I’m determined to see the process out to the end. Even if I don’t receive any offers of representation, I’m glad to have the experience to prepare me for next time.

And, no, I don’t mean to sound all greeting card lame. It just sorta happened.

5. Finish a complete draft of a new WIP.

Well, sorta new. It’s actually a rewrite, but so different from the last draft, that it’s shiny to me. I’m still in an early stage, only a few chapters in and getting a feel for my characters.

6. Word of the year?

I keep reading all the great words my blogging buddies have come up with, but I’m stumped. I have no idea what word I should choose as my 2013 philosophy. So I’ll just stick to my phrase of “getting it done.”


Author: Jennifer Pickrell

I write YA contemporary filled w/ romance, angst & family drama. Things I like: cats, snacks, baseball, green tea, taking pictures of trees & movies so bad, they’re good.

14 thoughts on “RTW – 2013, the year of getting it done!

  1. Good luck “getting it done”. I’ve been struggling with that ‘one word’ thing too. Let’s hope it’s a sign of things to come, that we find ourselves with more words than we know what to do with this year : )

  2. I have the same writing goal as you – go write every day. I’m going with the theory that it’s less about pages and more about just showing up. Good luck!

  3. Oooh, I keep meaning to pick up FOR DARKNESS and I haven’t had a chance. Let us know how you like it! 🙂

  4. This is such a great list, Jennifer! I like that you pick a theme for reading for the month. What a cool idea! I need to set myself a goal of reading books that I already own too. I have so, so many that I’ve purchased and are just collecting dust and unread. It’s tough when all these new books that I’ve been waiting on are finally coming out. I hear you on the querying thing too. I’m going back to the drawing board on my WIP after querying a bit and not getting the best response. I have a game plan, so hopefully it won’t be a long process before I’m back in the trenches again. Good luck with your rewrite! It’s great to be excited about something all over again. 🙂

  5. I like your motto of “getting it done”! You’ve got a lot of tasks on your to-do list this year, but breaking them out into chunks like you’ve done, will only ensure you’ll get them all checked off!
    And best of luck on finishing your rewrite / WiP – believe me, I know how challenging that can be!
    I’m looking forward to watching your accomplishments unfold over the coming months – happy new year, Jennifer!!!

  6. Good luck with your goals. You can do them.

    My TBR pile and wish list are out of control.

  7. Hooray for the year of getting it done! I love your reading themes–I might have to borrow that idea some months.

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