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Things I Love – Don’t Judge Me Edition


Happy Valentine’s Day!  It’s time for declarations of love and blah blah blah.

YA Highway is hosting a V-Day Lovefest, so today I admit my bizarre passion for…

Taking self-portraits with cats.


I’m serious.

Something about posing with a cat and snapping a photo amuses me to no end.  Even more so when it’s an out-of-focus or skewed photo, such as these:

Cat: I was trying to run away from her. No more pics, crazy lady!

Cat: This pic was awesome...until she jumped into it

I didn’t realize I enjoyed doing this so much until my dad asked to see a picture of my cat and I scrolled through the pictures on my camera phone.

Those, along with the ones taken with my digital camera = I have self-portraits with six different cats.

Admitting that makes me sound like a crazy cat person.  And adding that not all of them were even my cats makes me sound like I’m sneaking into people’s houses at night.  (I’m not)

So there it is.

My lame confession.

Does anyone else want to share the weirdo spotlight with me?

Author: Jennifer Pickrell

I write YA contemporary filled w/ romance, angst & family drama. Things I like: cats, snacks, baseball, green tea, taking pictures of trees & movies so bad, they’re good.

19 thoughts on “Things I Love – Don’t Judge Me Edition

  1. OMG, I love this. I’ll join you in the weirdo spotlight: I created a Facebook account for an imaginary guinea pig, and continue to maintain it.

  2. HAHAHAHA I love this!! I haven’t yet photobombed a picture of my cat, but I am determined to do it now!

    And omg, Rebecca. That is freaking hilarious. Thank you both for making me smile!

  3. This is great. Taking self-portraits are difficult for me anyway, but taking them with the cat(s) are that much more difficult. We should all start a tumblr for this.

  4. Ha, taking pictures of cats is a weekly thing for me–I volunteer at a cat sanctuary to take pictures and socialize the kitties. We have about 80 cats–you could spend hours there! Sometimes getting myself in the pic is the only way I can get pix of them, because I’ll have about 6 cats piled on me.

  5. Apparently, we’re cut from the same cloth because I have a multitude of self-captured pics with my kitties. It’s like a disease actually 🙂

  6. I love taking pics of the cats, and then turning them into lolcat pictures – if they’re funny enough. My cats give me a world of trouble when I try to include them in self-portrait pics, or else I’d probably do it more!

    (my confession would be that I have an asian doll that I love taking pics of. I can seriously burn through an hour or two photographing him..)

  7. No judgement from me. Click away and take those pics. They’re darling.

  8. My friends and I like to take pictures with cats on our heads. CatHats we call them

  9. I love this! Cats just photograph so hilariously 🙂 No judgement here. I don’t take many with myself in them, but I love taking shots of my cat in weird places, or when he’s eating. Eating shots are always good for a laugh.

  10. hahahaha. believe me, if my husband didn’t have allergies, i would have a cat and take pictures with it every single day. well, i’d probably have a cat, anyway. 🙂 happy valentine’s day.

  11. This is so awesome, I have no other words…

  12. I adore your bizarre passion! So cute!

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