Jennifer Pickrell

YA Writer

My non-green thumb – update


If you will recall, this fella, planted about a month and a half ago:

I still have no identity

Now look:

Alien bug hanging out in the middle


Still no clue what the plant is, but this stink bug (or it looks like one, anyway) really seems to be enjoying itself, hanging out on the leaves:

I smell

For those of you who have not had the pleasure of stink bugs…

Be glad.

Very, very glad.

P.S. Not only is mystery plant alive, so are my mums!  And the hosta that was already there!  Hooray!


Author: Jennifer Pickrell

I write YA contemporary filled w/ romance, angst & family drama. Things I like: cats, snacks, baseball, green tea, taking pictures of trees & movies so bad, they’re good.

9 thoughts on “My non-green thumb – update

  1. Yaaaay! You do have a green thumb after all! But I say ‘boo’ to stinkbugs… Yuck.

  2. I. Am. So. Afraid. Of. Stinkbugs. I’ve never seen one IRL, and I’d like to keep it that way.

  3. Glad the mystery plant is thriving.

    Just say NO to stinkbugs

  4. Woohoo! I have no idea what plant that is either. Some kind of palm plant maybe?

  5. Oh, this is funny. I can’t say what the mystery plant is either, but I can tell you that you correctly identified the stink bug. PU. I hate them.

  6. I’ve seen stink bugs, but haven’t gotten close to them to tell whether they stink or not.

    Red flowers sound lovely. I hope they come.

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