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When it came time to look for a new apt, hubby and I had some “wants.”

*Neither one of us is a big fan of apartment complexes, those steely gray boxes with floors and floors of the same layout.  Partly because it’s all claustrophobic (my concern), but mostly because we like to keep the neighbors to a minimum so hubby’s guitar-playing and my occasional drum pounding disturb the least number of people possible.

*No baseboard heat.  The past two places we lived had baseboard and to pay our electric bill, we practically had to sell our organs.  Along the same lines, I need central air.  I am always warm.  It could be 30 degrees outside and I’d complain it was muggy.

As you can see, we’re not especially picky, but it does take some searching, especially to find something non-complexy with CACH.


We have the bottom half of an old house that was converted into two apartments in the late 1980s.  It’s modern while still retaining that old-time charm.

Hardwood floors:

Interesting architectural detail:

Front porch (that’s hubby’s plant, not mine.  I am so ungifted with nature I can’t even get weeds to grow):

I am sad that I kill plants

Creepy basement (yes, there’s a door in our apt that leads to the basement.  We store stuff down there.):

Lots of nature, even though we’re only about a mile from downtown and from shopping centers:

View from front porch

Side deck - squirrels hang out here

Add in the rabbits, deer, raccoons, and birds we’ve seen and we are in a Disney movie.  I should break into song.

Birds in the pothole make it seem less sucky

And something random:

Why are the walls in my office inexplicably painted pink?

We’ve been here for about three weeks and I’m loving it so far.  Old + new = awesome!


Author: Jennifer Pickrell

I write YA contemporary filled w/ romance, angst & family drama. Things I like: cats, snacks, baseball, green tea, taking pictures of trees & movies so bad, they’re good.

3 thoughts on “Home

  1. I’m jealous! Love the porch and the creepy basement. And CACH–be still, my heart.

  2. The nature and the porch are soooooo lovely. Congrats on your new place 🙂

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