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Random, like the world ending this weekend

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May 18, 2007

Yesterday I was at the main office and needed the rep in my office to fax me something there.  I called and told her what I needed and said I’d call her back to let her know I got it.

Today, she tells me that the phone rang not too long after I’d talked to her the first time and she picked up, expecting it to be me.

Instead a guy asks, “Do you believe in the living dead?”


People are freaky.

Reading this old journal entry made me think about randomness.

Like, I am apparently a cat whisperer.  I’ve visited people and their cats have climbed into my lap and apparently the cat is the spawn of Satan and has never sat in anyone’s lap before.

Several times I have been in vet’s offices and other people’s cats have jumped onto my shoulder and sat there.

Stray cats have climbed into my car when the door was open and sat in the passenger seat, looking at me expectantly.

It’s a good thing I like cats.

My mom works for the same school system I attended.  While helping another staff member clean out a room at the middle school a few years ago, they found a clipboard I’d apparently lost when I was a student there (it has my name on it).

Very strange and rather disturbing considering I was in middle school in the early 90s and that’s a long time for something to be floating around.  Had no one ever cleaned this room before???

I was getting a new tire put on my car last fall and as I was shuffling through the 10-year old magazines in the waiting area, I found a literary journal among the National Geographics.  It was about 20 years old and contained a poem from my high school creative writing teacher, the same poem I’d been struggling to remember for years because I’d liked it when I read it the first time.

For whatever reason, I didn’t take the mag and I should have since I waited like two hours for my tire.  Damn my sense of honor! 

Now it looks like the man on the phone might be right, since the world is apparently ending this weekend – perhaps there’ll be zombies???

If the world does end on Saturday, I will be the first to say, “Oops, my bad, sorry I made fun of everyone that believed it was true.”


Author: Jennifer Pickrell

I write YA contemporary filled w/ romance, angst & family drama. Things I like: cats, snacks, baseball, green tea, taking pictures of trees & movies so bad, they’re good.

One thought on “Random, like the world ending this weekend

  1. Oh, I love the randomness and the fact that you are a Cat Whisperer. That made me laugh out loud. Finding the poem in the mag. and your Mom finding the clipboard is just creepy. I hope these are not omens for the weekend of impending doom…

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