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March Goal Update #1


Getting up earlier is a good thing.

Who knew?

It’s weird because I used to work 6-2:30 and I didn’t even bat an eyelash about getting up at 4am.  Of course I was 10 years younger and sometimes went straight from rocking out at a concert to my job (where I subsisted on Sierra Mist and Chex Mix).  So I was obviously insane or something.

But now I’m old and I need an alarm to get up.

So here’s what I’ve gotten done this week:

Editing: I’ve got one section left, which I plan to tackle this evening or this weekend.  Holy crap, I use the word LIKE so much, I should get it tattooed on me. 

Agent research: I’ve got one name tucked away and more research planned for next week.

Query: It’s still a hot mess.

^Don’t you love that term “hot mess?”  The first time I heard it was at that job I had 10 years ago when I worked with a guy who was from…Mississippi, I think.  He would say, “Well, that’s a hot f’ing mess.”

It’s stuck with me since then.  And every time I use it, I imagine it being said in Paula Deen’s voice.  

“That query is a hot mess, y’all!”

In fact, I think all rejection would be slightly less sucky if it was delivered by Paula Deen.  And she gave me some peach cobbler while she was doing it.


Reading: Started Book #1 February 28, about halfway through it.  It’s non-fic and I always read that slower.  It’s about a mega diamond heist in Antwerp – the thieves were crazy ingenious.

Other thoughts: I am loving this daily checking-in/accountability thing.

And my I-just-found-out and I’m super psyched moment goes to:

I WON A QUERY CRITIQUE from Paper Hangover!!!  If you haven’t already, check out their blog, they’re new, they’re awesome and they’ll have tons of writing advice and other goodness.

Did I mention I’m freaking out happy about winning this?  Maybe I can turn my query from hot mess into hot damn!

*Hey, y’all, her query is like a thousand sticks of buttery goodness, here’s some pound cake to celebrate*

Happy Friday!


Author: Jennifer Pickrell

I write YA contemporary filled w/ romance, angst & family drama. Things I like: cats, snacks, baseball, green tea, taking pictures of trees & movies so bad, they’re good.

4 thoughts on “March Goal Update #1

  1. Good luck with your query, Jennifer. That’s awesome you won the critique. I won one from an agent last year and it seriously whipped mine into shape. And DUDE, rejections from Paula Deen! That is genius. We should start a Rejections from Paula Deen blogfest. lol

  2. I do love the term hot mess. I never imagined it said in Paula Deen’s voice, but that makes it even awesomer.
    Good luck with your query!

  3. Love it! I sent out 55 Queries this month. The list had 70 agents total. So far, 2 full requests, 15 rejections. Ouch. Maybe I need a query critique! LOL.

    Great luck!!!

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