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November Reading Reflections, Part II – The Hunger Games


I did it, I finally read the Hunger Games (and I didn’t wait like 15 years to do it, like I did with Harry Potter).

They kicked ass.  Mega ass.  Although I did get a bit lost in Mockingjay when it got all trippy weird, I’m on some weird morphine drug time.  And…hmm…how do I say this without being spoilery?

I guess I can’t – I’ll try to keep it cryptic, though.



Anyway, I was a bit miffed that there was really no resolution between Katniss and the guy she didn’t end up with.  It was just like, “We’re pissed, the end.”  And I wished I could have seen more of the “coming out of my murderous rage” evolution with guy she did end up with.

The ending didn’t bother me, like it seemed to enrage so many other people, although I could have done without Buttercup being left ownerless and definitely without the random epilogue.  It’s a dystopian world after all, it’s supposed to be a downer (although there was hope when people started returning to District 12).

But it did feel a bit rushed, like all the stuff that needed to be dealt with could have at least warranted an extra 20 pages.  I understand Katniss was irreparably changed (who wouldn’t be?) by all the horribleness that happened, but she’s a fighter – why do all that work to change the system when you’re just going to basically shrivel at the end?  So you became a reluctant symbol and puppet…that f’ing sucks, now stand up and cut the puppet strings! 

That whole creating the memory book at the end could have been flushed out and been some sort of symbolic thing – and we could have drawn our own conclusions about how the world went, instead of that damn epilogue.

I have no idea why that epilogue irritates me so much.  Maybe because I never felt that Katniss had a true connection to either of the guys.  Meaning, she didn’t feel connected to them, although it seemed obvious to me from the first few pages of Book 1 that G was in love with her.  P and his great love – still strikes me as random.  And her love of P seemed forged out of necessity more than anything else.  So I didn’t need an epilogue to rub the hollowness of the relationship in my face.

Okay, I’m done with my ranting.


One last thing:

Why did that have to happen to Finnick?  WHY?????



Okay, done with the books, now where’s my Hunger Games movie?

December reading list goes up this Wednesday, December 1!   (hint:  It’s WAY smaller)

Author: Jennifer Pickrell

I write YA contemporary filled w/ romance, angst & family drama. Things I like: cats, snacks, baseball, green tea, taking pictures of trees & movies so bad, they’re good.

2 thoughts on “November Reading Reflections, Part II – The Hunger Games

  1. I’m with you Jennifer. I’m still annoyed with Mockingjay and the epilogue. I haven’t thought about the book in a while. However, since reading your post all of these feelings have resurfaced! I’m angry again! haha. I still love the first two books of the series, though.

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