Jennifer Pickrell

YA Writer

Enjoy the Silence


The other week I drove into West Virginia.  For a good part of the hour and fifteen minute drive, it was just me and the open road.  It was one of those perfect fall days – sunny, but not overwhelmingly so, and warm without being hot.  I had the windows down and the radio off, and as I drove I listened.

It was so quiet.

I consider the area of Virginia where I live to be rural, but this area of West Virginia was so unspoiled, so far removed from traffic and big box stores that I could hear leaves crunching under my tires as I drove.  I could hear dogs barking, people talking…

I had no cell phone reception at all and I didn’t care. 

I’m not usually a person that can live “in the moment.”  I’m a worrier and an over-planner and I’m nostalgic as hell, so I’m usually fretting about the future or lamenting about the past.  But the other day made me feel like all my worries were put on hold and the future could wait.

I need to make a date with myself every month to do this.  Not the long drive, but the silence.  I need to clear my head and ignore all the static.

Because maybe it’s a coincidence (or not), but I’ve been feeling mighty creative since that drive.


Author: Jennifer Pickrell

I write YA contemporary filled w/ romance, angst & family drama. Things I like: cats, snacks, baseball, green tea, taking pictures of trees & movies so bad, they’re good.

2 thoughts on “Enjoy the Silence

  1. that’s how i always felt taking rt. 50 to winchester, of course much nicer in the fall

  2. Definitely good in the fall – the winter, not so much. Virginia can be clear, but travel over the line into West Virginia and there’s suddenly a blizzard. I was driving 522N the other day and there’s nothing but nature once you get out of Winchester.

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