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Hurray for New Jersey! And Gary Busey! And Jaws!

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It’s almost “Be Nice to NJ Week” (July 4-10).  I am always nice to New Jersey.  Bruce Springsteen rocks.  So does Robert Hegyes aka Epstein, my favorite Sweathog.  And Bon Jovi…need I say more?  Plus my beloved Dodge Neon (now sadly defunct) was from a dealership in Gloucester City. 

I didn’t have time on Tuesday, but this weekend I will once again celebrate Gary Busey’s birthday (June 29) by watching Silver Bullet, one of THE most spectacular movies of the 80’s or, dare I say, EVER. 

Speaking of movies I love, this was the week Jaws came out, 35 years ago.  Before my time, so they should release it in the theaters again.  *Hint*  *Hint*

My fun of the week was scoring 100% on the Mental Floss quiz where I had to match up Tom Hanks’ movies with scenes where he is relieving himself.  “There’s no ‘P’ in Tom Hanks.”  Should I be worried I found this quiz so easy?

Superpower of the week: the ability to eat six Saltines in a minute.  I’m convinced it can be done.  I must be the one to do it!

Is Kobayashi pulling out of the Nathan’s hot dog eating contest at Coney Island?  He’s the only reason I even watched it.

I watched the new Karate (Kung Fu) Kid last weekend – I love movies like that, where you root for the main character and there’s a definite bad guy.  Jaden Smith is a little dude, so it was painful (very painful) in some parts to watch him get his butt kicked.  The new version seemed darker (back story) than I remember the original being.  It almost kinda halted the movie for me at that horribly depressing “revelation” scene.  And the moves at the end – wow, can Mr. Han be my teacher, too???  Holy crap!  I’ll be the next Bruce Lee by the end of summer!

The year is now more than officially half over.  183/182


Author: Jennifer Pickrell

I write YA contemporary filled w/ romance, angst & family drama. Things I like: cats, snacks, baseball, green tea, taking pictures of trees & movies so bad, they’re good.

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