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Well, not really, but I have this absurd habit of thinking, “So it begins” (complete with dramatic voice) whenever I am tackling a new project.

Today is my TabDays (takin’ a break), which usually means fun-times, but today I figured why not traumatize myself by sending out queries on the latest project I’ve finished.  I will inevitably be a wreck by later this afternoon, so I had to post my funny haha, funny strange entry now, before all that wonderfulness can happen.

So last TabDays, I mentioned that my lovely little town wanted to temporarily rename itself after Nats pitcher, Stephen Strasburg.  And I also added an “Um…huh?”  Well, apparently the town council was just as puzzled as I was, because I will NOT be living temporarily in Stephen Strasburg, VA.   The resolution failed.  I’m telling you, the headlines and leads (or ledes, if I’m being old-school) for these articles have cracked me up.

Well, since that random story has come to a close, how about another one?

Nicholas Cage will only eat animals that mate in a “dignified” way.  Right.  I don’t think this needs any commentary from me, it’s doing all the work itself. 

Random celebrations:  It has come to my attention that today is “Corn on the Cob Day.”  Oddly enough, I do not see a lot of information on this.

Superpower of the week: I’m not sure if this is shape-shifting or what, but after seeing that “Is Ed ‘Too Tall’ Jones Too Tall” Geico commercial about a thousand times, I’ve decided I want to be too tall, too.  Or maybe Borrowers’ small.  There is absolutely no reasoning behind this and I don’t know what I could really do with this superpower, but I still want it for a week.

Laugh of the week: Have I been living under a rock???  How have I missed literal versions of music videos?  One of my FB friends posted a link to “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” and it’s as if the video creator took the ideas in my head and put them on film. 

I (just because I do things like this) have a list of “epic” videos that I add to whenever I see one and TEOTH is on there. 

So is “Can’t Fight This Feeling” by REO Speedwagon.  Floating candles.  Bad time lapses.  Kevin Cronin.  Classic.

On my epic songs list is “Making Love Out of Nothing at All” by Air Supply, but after watching the literal version, it belongs on the epic videos list, too.    

Okay, I have to tear myself away from YouTube or else I’ll never get anything done today.

Speaking of living under a rock, when my younger brother was little, I convinced him we had found him under a rock in Canada and, seeing that keeping children you found under rocks was illegal in Canada, we had to smuggle him to America and start a new life there so we could keep him.

No, I am not in the least bit ashamed that I was in my 20’s when I told a child this.

Little moment of joy for the day: I was sitting here, typing, so hungry.  I got up and looked in the fridge and there were the pancakes I’d had leftover from breakfast for dinner last night – I had completely forgotten!  So two pancakes later, I am a happy girl.

I finished “One a Day for 30 Days” yesterday (where I write about something I do every day that is interesting), but I haven’t had time to look back through the entries, so my reflection will have to wait for another time.

Shameless self-promotion alert: Kristin Miller over at Long Distance Drive was giving away a copy of Mandy Hubbard’s “You Wish” and to enter you had to leave a comment about your childhood wish.  I posted my wishes and when Kristin announced the winner (sadly, it was not me), she mentioned my comment as one of her favorites because it was “utterly lovely random.”

These really were the things I wished for as a kid:

I was an odd kid – I wished for beaded curtains, a swimming pool, Corn Diggers (what I called Bugles corn snacks), for Family Ties to never go off the air, and to be in a Stouffer’s frozen dinner commercial (b/c those people looked like they were having a blast). I’ve got some beaded curtains and some Corn Diggers. Still missing those other things.


Author: Jennifer Pickrell

I write YA contemporary filled w/ romance, angst & family drama. Things I like: cats, snacks, baseball, green tea, taking pictures of trees & movies so bad, they’re good.

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